'Choices' PVCU

RunThru horns

  • Practical alternative to vertical sliding windows
  • 'A' energy Rated
  • Wide range of foils
  • Available triple glazed

RunThru sash horn windows

Runthru horns create a practical alternative to the traditional vertical sliding sash window

Available in a range of styles and in particular, can provide egress solutions where required.

Choices Runthu Sash Horns

Traditional styling

Runthru sash horns are top-hung casements and are a great alternative to vertical sliding windows due to their traditional looks.

The runthru horns are made by milling the end profile into shape, rather than screwing the runthru on as an addition to the sash. The effect is completed by finishing off with a colour co-ordinated cap.


RunThru horns in Kömmerling O70 and C70

  • 70mm frame depth
  • ‘A’ Energy Rated
  • Available triple glazed
  • 5 chambered for enhanced thermal performance
  • Wide range of foils
  • High-security multi-point locking
  • Multipoint locking to casement openers
  • Internally beaded
  • Casement sash 76mm wide
  • Lead-free PVCU profiles that are better for the environment
Runthru Horn Windows

RunThru Horn Options

Choose from three functional options in Rehau or Kommerling, including designs that meet the requirements of Part B of Building Regulations for fire escape

Option 1 Run Thru Horn Over Fixed Pane

Option 1

RunThru Horn top hung over a fixed pane

Top hung windows with horns, create an attractive alternative to the traditional vertical sliding window.

Whilst this is the slimmest and most cost-effective RunThru horn option, it does not meet the requirements of Part B of Building Regulations. In this instance, Option 2 or 3 should be considered.

Option 2 Run Thru Tilt And Turn Inwards

Option 2

RunThru Horn over Tilt and Turn inwards opening window

The Upper Sash – The top hung casement provides a convenient and ready source of ventilation. It can also be locked in a night ventilation position. The Lower Sash – The lower sash is a Tilt and Turn window and as such can be tilted inwards for ventilation.

It can also be turned 90° inwards for cleaning. Dependent upon size and position it can be used for emergency escape when the opening size must meet the demands of Part B of Building Regulations.

Option 3 Full Tilt And Turn With Dummy Sashes

Option 3

The full Tilt and Turn with Dummy Sash and Runthru horns

A window designed specifically for a home-owner who requires the top opener over a fixed pane style, but has to consider Part B of Building Regulations.

To match a top hung over fixed pane style window, a full Tilt & Turn sash is fitted with a fixed dummy sash with Runthru horns. The result is a fully opening window that has ventilation under normal circumstances and the escape facility if the worst should happen.

Tilt and Turn width/height ratio = Width should not exceed 1.5 times height

Traditional Features

Choices Kommerling Runthu Sash Horns

Decorative RunThru Sash Horns

Run Thru End Cap

Matching foiled end caps (O70 only)

RunThruFoiledEndCap Komm

Available in a range of Timber effects.


Both sides or on smooth White

Smooth White Coloured Windows

Smooth White

Rosewood Window Colour


Golden Oak White Window Colour

Golden Oak

Beck Brown Coloured Windows


Cream Coloured Windows


Irish Oak Window Colour

Irish Oak

Both Sides Only

White Ash Coloured Windows

White Ash

On smooth White only

Chartwell Green Coloured Windows

Chartwell Green

Anthracite Grey Coloured Windows

Anthracite Grey

Both sides

Anthracite Grey

Anthracite Grey

(C70 Only)

Aesthetics with Function

Available in a range of colours and woodgrain effect, RunThru horns can be manufactured to suit Part B fire escape regulations of Building Regulations


White Inline Handle

White Inline Handle

White Cranked Handle


Black Monkey Tail Handle

Monkey Tail Handle

Tear Drop Handle

Tear Drop Handle

Pear Drop Handle

Pear Drop Handle


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RunThru Sash Horns


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