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Secureroll® Garage Doors

'Choices' Special Products

Secureroll® Garage Doors

  • Made to Measure
  • Remote Control Operation
  • Wide Range of Colours
  • 5 Year Warranty

Secureroll® Garage Doors

Made-to-measure remote controlled roller garage doors

‘Choices’ Secureroll® roller garage doors are designed for space-saving. With easy installation, a near-silent operation they will provide years of trouble-free maintenance.

Secureroll® roller garage doors

Thermally efficient and made to measure

‘Choices’ Secureroll® remote controlled garage doors are available in a wide range of colours that perfectly complement ‘Choices’ Windows and Doors.

With strengthened PVC mouldings, heavy duty extruded aluminium bottom slats, dual formed weather seal, thermal insulated slats, wireless sensor systems, lighting and remote control units with a manual override they will be a welcome addition.

Our Range Includes


Classic Secureroll Door Range

Our most popular and typical door for most garage scenarios. With their 77mm insulated slats, our Classic roller garage doors are Secured by Design as standard and ideal for internal face fit installations.

Blind Surface : 77mm

Weight per m² : 5kg

Maximum Width : 5500mm

Maximum Surface : 16m²


Compact Secureroll Door Range

Designed specifically for openings where room above or to the sides of the opening is limited, our Compact range of roller garage doors are made from smaller 55mm insulated slats.

Blind Surface : 55mm

Weight per m² : 3.5kg

Maximum Width : 3000mm

Maximum Surface : 9m²

  • ‘Classic’ design for typical garage door dimensions – 77mm Insulated slats
  • ‘Compact’ design specifically for garages with limited headroom – 55mm Insulated slats
  • Secured by Design approval
  • Remote control operation
  • A wide range of colours
  • Comprehensive 5 year Secureroll® warranty
  • Intruder alarm
  • Courtesy light
  • Holiday mode – Increased security
  • Manual Override
Secureroll Door Slats

Quality in Design

‘Choices’ SecureRoll garage doors are made to measure and come with the following features as standard:

  • Remote control operation provided by world-leading brands in home automation
  • A wide range of solid colours and painted wood effects, with the option to upgrade to a wood laminate or RAL colour matched finish
  • Comprehensive 5-year SecureRoll warranty
5 Year Warranty Design

CE Marked

All SecureRoll doors are CE marked to indicate their compliance with European directives and product safety standards. This shows they meet health, safety and environmental protective legislation.

Ce Mark Logo

Secured by Design*

Secured by Design is a police-backed project for designing out crime. Products that have achieved this accreditation have been tested and proven to make life difficult for would-be burglars.

The Classic door has passed independent tests designed to simulate an attempted break-in and assess its general performance. Manufacturing quality practices are closely monitored to maintain accreditation.

*AluRoll are the company that holds the Secured by Design accreditation. CWG Choices Limited are an authorised reseller of Secured by Design products from AluRoll.

Secure By Design Aluroll Logo

Standard Features

Secureroll roller garage doors are customisable to your exact job requirements; material, style, size, colour and operation.

Safety Brake

Security Shutter Safety Brake

In the unlikely event, the motor drive shears an automatic safety brake instantly stops the door from dropping.

Space Saving Roll

Space Saving Roller Door

The door travels vertically into a compact roll for maximum space inside and out. Meaning no lost space with our solutions.

Manual Override

Security Shutter Manual Overide

If the power fails, a simple hand crank allows you to wind the door up or down to keep you secure and maintain access.

Anti-Lift Locking System

Shutter Anti Lift Locking Straps

Secure closure is maintained with high grade, robust lock straps that prevent the curtain from being lifted. Their turn lock design provides ease of installation.

Durable Slats

T77 Close Side

The curved and ribbed profile of the T77 & T55 slats are formed from aluminium filled with CFC free foam for a lightweight, strong and corrosion-resistant curtain.

Effective Weather Strip

Shutter Effective Weather Strip

The profile of the bottom edge weatherstrip channels rain run-off away from the door to minimise water ingress into the garage space.

Strong Guides and Slats

Shutter Strong Door Guides Slats

Extruded aluminium guides with a draught brush and anti-rub glide brushes ensure the door curtain is secure and the operation is smooth. The extruded bottom weatherstrip channel adds further rigidity.

Wireless Safety Edge Sensor

Door Wireless Safety Sensor

The standard solution is proven for long-term reliability and uses a wireless safety edge to automatically halt the door on detecting an obstruction – fully compliant with European Safety Directives.

Choice of Motors

Shutter Motors

Aluroll carefully selects and test the best industry motors. Our motors are manufactured by the likes of Somfy, Elero, GFA and NRG Automation. All come with a comprehensive 5-year warranty.

Remote Controlled Garage Doors

A wide range of colours and options are available, including wood grains finishes that match standard window and door frames.

Colour Options

Green Securoll Door From Choices
Purple Securoll Door From Choices
White Securoll Door From Choices

Standard Colours

The below solid colours and painted wood effects are standard options. Solid colour roller garage doors are available with matching box and guides as standard, or traditional white or brown. Painted and laminate wood effect doors are supplied with brown box and guides as standard. Enclosures and guide channels can also be powder coated other RAL / BS colours for a surcharge.

*Please note: Graphite and Duck Egg Blue are not available for the Compact door. Chartwell Green and Moss Green are available on request for the Compact door (longer lead times may apply).

Anthracite 7016


(RAL 7016)

Beige Bs08b17


(BS 08B17)

Blue 5011


(Blue 5011)

Brown 8019


(RAL 8019)

Chartwell Green Ncss3010 G10y

Chartwell Green*

(NCS S3010 G10Y)

Cream White 9001


(RAL 1015)

Cream White 9001

Cream White

(RAL 9001)

Duck Egg Blue Ncs S 2030 B10g

Duck Egg Blue*

(NCS S 2030 B10G)

Fir Green 6009

Fir Green

(RAL 6009)





(RAL 7038)

Ivory 1015


(RAL 1015)

Laminate Black

Laminate Black*

Moss Green 6005

Moss Green*

(RAL 6005)

Painted Golden Oak

Painted Golden Oak

Painted Irsh Oak

Painted Irish Oak

Painted Walnut

White Painted Walnut

Red 3004


(RAL 3005)

Silver 9006


(RAL 9006)

Velvet Brown 8014

Velvet Brown

(RAL 7016)



Wood Laminate Finishes

Wood laminate finishes are available for a surcharge. The laminate applies to one side only and is therefore only suitable for internal face fits. Wood laminate effect doors are supplied with brown box and guides as standard, solid colours have the closest available colour match. Other laminate finishes available on request.

*Please note: Laminate finishes are not available for the Compact roller garage door.

Laminate Anthracite

Laminate Anthracite*

Laminate Golden Oak

Laminate Golden Oak*

Laminate Irish Oak

Laminate Irish Oak*

Laminate Mahogany

Laminate Mahogany*

Laminate Rosewood

Laminate Rosewood*

Laminate White

Laminate White*


Flexibility with the fitting of ‘Choices’ SecureRoll doors makes it easier for any installer to find the perfect fitting solution.

Factors like the product type, its size, the wall construction and how much overhead space you have an effect which options are most suitable

Internal Face Fix Garage Doors

Internal Face Fix

The most common location is fitting to the inside face of the garage opening. Maximises security and the clear drive-through width between the opening uprights.

Reveal Face Fix Garage Doors

Reveal Fix

Fitting under the opening lintel and between the uprights when face fixing is not possible. It requires good reveal headroom. Aluroll T55 Compact is ideal for this installation

External Face Fix Garage Doors

External Face Fix

When headroom does not permit internal fixing the doors can be fixed to the external face. A full roll box is required. The concave face of the door curtain slats face outwards

Comparison Table

Standard:     Optional:

Scroll L and R to view both products
Classic Compact
CE Mark
Secured by Design
5 Year Secureroll Warranty
Slat Height 77mm 55mm
Maximum Overall Width 5500mm 3000mm
Maximum Surface Area 16m² 9m²
Required Headroom 250mm / 300mm / 360mm 205mm / 250mm
Guide Channel Width 70mm / 90mm 66mm
Full Box
Half Box
Anti Lift Locking System
Standard Options 21 16
Wood Laminate Finishes 4
Half Box
Powder Coating Ask about our E37 shutter
2 Handsets
Courtesy Light & Alarm
Safety Edge System
Internal Manual Override
Key Pad
Wireless Wall Switches
Smart Home Integration
Holiday Mode
Intruder Alarm
Courtesy Light

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Choices SecureRoll Garage Doors

Choices SecureRoll Garage Door Installation

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