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Document Q

Quotes / Orders

Unless stated as ‘to be Document Q compliant’ – all quotations and orders will assume standard product with no PAS 24 / Document Q upgrade required

These notes should be regarded as guidelines for ‘ DOCUMENT Q’ to help you. Produced by CWG Choices to the best of their understanding and knowledge of the Legislation, as it becomes clearer. The final arbiter is Building Control

  1. Applies to ’new dwellings’ and ‘change of use’ (ie. barn into dwelling)
  2. Comes into effect from the date that the ‘work’ comes within the remit of Building Control
  3. Applies to doors and windows which are within 2 metres of ground level or accessible level surface (ie flat roof/balcony)
  4. PVCU panels are not acceptable
  5. Dimensions – when a required product is at variance with the ‘tested’ dimension – Building Control may accept the difference as it ‘being within the spirit of the law’
  6. Doors – Those allowing access into the dwelling – (Main House or Flat/Garage or Communicating) to comply to PAS 24 – shown by test which includes:
    1. Glazing – 6.8mm laminate/4mm toughened
    2. Letter plates – max size 260mm x 40mm – incorporate a ‘flap’ to restrict access – not within 400mm of a Thumbturn – conform to Technical Spec TS 008:2012
    3. The main door to have a door guard or chain (not appropriate for houses with wardens requiring emergency access and the like).
    4. Visibility – must be able to see callers – by clear glazing, a viewer, a window next to the door (if after breaking the glass it is within reach of the door locking device, 6.8 laminate/ 4mm tough required), audio visual or by any other means.
    5. Fixing – mechanically fixed to the structure of the building
  7. Windows – to comply to PAS 24 shown by test
Building Regs

Doc Q – Products compliant – Dimensions tested – Extras applied to achieve compliance

Please check that your requirements conform


Product Choice Max Sash Size Tested Exclusions Extras Applied to Achieve
Width Height


Casement Windows
R9 835mm 1561mm Add hinge protectors


Casement Windows
C/O70 Side Hung 650mm 1325mm Add hinge protectors
C/O70 Top Hung 1100mm 1100mm Must not exceed 1m2 Add hinge protectors
C/O70 Resi Door 910mm 2100mm Sealed Units only Haven Hinge + Rasp
C/O70 French Door 850mm 2005mm Sealed Units only Haven Hinge + Rasp
Kommerling Inline 2 pane 1270mm 2175mm Use suppliers tested hardware
C/O70 1170mm 1320mm Mushroon keep pack


Casement Windows
Halo Side Hung 628mm 1275mm Use suppliers tested hardware
Halo Top Hung 1178mm 1178mm Use suppliers tested hardware
Flush 70 620mm 1355mm Use suppliers tested hardware


Imagine 700mm 2030mm excluding styles* Use suppliers tested hardware


Casement Windows
ALUK Side Hung 670mm 1230mm Use suppliers tested hardware
ALUK Top Hung 1149mm 1130mm Use suppliers tested hardware
ALUK 714mm 1530mm Use suppliers tested hardware
ALUK Resi Door 1020mm 2160mm Use suppliers tested hardware
ALUK French Door 1020mm 2160mm Use suppliers tested hardware
SMARTS INLINE 2 pane 1400mm 2310mm Use suppliers tested hardware
SMARTS INLINE 3 pane 1200mm 2295mm Use suppliers tested hardware
ALUK Bi-Fold 970mm 2310mm Open out only** Use suppliers tested hardware
ALUK Inline 2 Pane 2003mm 2496mm Use suppliers tested hardware
*220, 422, 440. 660 and 642
** Types 1,2,4,6,7 and 13.


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