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Part of the alternative to timber collection


  • Finest Composite Doors on the Market
  • Perfect Alternative to Timber
  • Solid Timber Core
  • Wide Range of Styles

High-end composite doors from 'Choices'

Solidor have the appearance of traditional timber utilising modern technology

Widely admired for their stunning design, and unparalleled security, Solidors are manufactured around a proven 48mm solid timber core encapsulated in a 1.7mm PVC skin, Solidor has become one of the UK’s leading composite doors.

Fitted with multi-point locking that provides excellent security, combined with high thermal properties and acoustic performance as standard.


Works With Kubu

Kubu prepared* with smart sensor compatibility as standard

The Solidor collection

Solidor range of timber composite doors is widely admired for their stunning design, and unparalleled security.

Available as single, double or with side panels.

Ludlow 2

Ludlow Two

Bbeeston 1cgb B

Beeston One

Conway 1 Cbgf Black

Conway One


Conway Three

Harlech 2 Cfb2 Green

Harlech Two

Nottingham 2 Ctb 19

Nottingham Two

Stafford Ctb 2

Stafford One

Tenby Solid Blue

Tenby Solid

Tenby 2 Elegance

Tenby Two

Tenby 4

Tenby Four

Ancona Blue Solid

Flint/Ancona Solid

Flint Diamond 1

Flint One Diamond

Flint 1 Bulls Eye

Flint One Square

Flint 2 Ctb 18

Flint Two

Flint 3

Flint Three/Roma

Flint 4

Flint Four

Flint 5

Flint Five

Ancona Red Master


London Door

London Door







Brescia White Warwick


Thornbury Solid


Genoa Oak Oak Frame


Milano Warwick GLass


Naples Grey Master


Pisa Abstract Black Black Frame




Siena Grey Master


Turin Cream Abstract




Stirling Solidor 2


Door Minimum Width 843mm – Maximum Width 1013mm

The Italia range and Flint doors with single cassettes can be narrower

Frame Height : Minimum/Maximum
Std PVCU Threshold : 1953mm to 2163mm
Low PVCU Threshold – C70 : 1939mm to 2149mm
Low PVCU Threshold – O70 : 1939mm to 2153mm
Mobility Threshold : 1921mm to 2131mm

Part M Compliant over 945mm wide with mobility threshold

Side Panels


Ludlow SP One


Nottingham SP One


Tenby SP One


Milano SP


Brescia SP

Brecia Side Panel

Thornbury SP


Flint SP

Side Screen Minimum Width : 403mm / Maximum Width : 563mm

Flint and Thornbury Side Panels available from: Minimum width : 350mm / Maximum Width : 1000mm

Half Panels

Solidor Half Flat Grained Panel

Flat Grained

Solidor Half Moulded Grained Panel

Moulded Grained

Why choose Solidor?

Solid timber core

All of our doors are based on our proven 48mm design that is 10% thicker than our nearest competitors.

Our hardware and accessories are also sourced from world leaders in their respective fields and importantly, are free from harmful lead additives.

Solid Timber Core Of Solidor From Choices
British Made Solidor

Made in Britain

Solidor has always been immensely proud to be flying the flag for Britain leading the way within the composite door sector, with the composite door range being produced in the UK.

ULTION 3 Cylinder

Security is at the very heart of our composite doors and that’s why use the ULTION 3 cylinder as standard, arguably one of the most secure locks in the market.

Ultion 3 Cylinder

Finest composite doors on the market

Solidors are recognised as one of the most secure composite doors around thanks to the unique solid timber core.

The 48mm cores are 10% thicker than the nearest competition, helping make them highly secure and also energy efficient barriers.


Slab colour options

Standard range slab colours

Standard Range Green


Standard Range Blue


Standard Range White


Standard Range Red

Ruby Red

Standard Range Black


Premium range slab colours

Premium Range Golden Oak

Golden Oak

Premium Range Rosewood


Premium Range Cream


Premium Range Foiled White

Foiled White

Premium Range Anthracite Grey

Anthracite Grey

Premium Range Schwarzbraun Black

Schwarzbraun (Black/Brown)

Solidor Premium Forest Green

Forest Green

Solidor Premium Buttercup


Solidor Premium Truffle Brown

Truffle Brown

Solidor Premium Pistachio


Luxury range slab colours

Luxury Range Irish Oak

Irish Oak

Luxury Range Chartwell Green

Chartwell Green

Luxury Range Rich Aubergine

Rich Aubergine

Luxury Range French Grey

French Grey

Luxury Range Peacock Blue

Peacock Blue

Painswick Grey Large


Luxury Range Duck Egg Blue

Duck Egg Blue

Luxury Range Mocha


Tangerine Siolidor Swatch


Twilight Grey

Twilight Grey

Mid Night Grey Solidor Swatch

Midnight Grey

Frame colour options

Foiled both sides or foiled on white

Rosewood Frame Colour


Golden Oak Frame Colour

Golden Oak

Black Brown Frame Colour


Cream Frame Colour


Irish Oak Frame Colour

Irish Oak

Anthracite Grey Coloured Windows

Anthracite Grey / White (O70 or C70)

Anthracite Grey Coloured Windows

Anthracite Grey (Both Sides C70)

Luxury Range Chartwell Green

Chartwell Green on White Only

Painswick Grey

Painswick Grey on White (C70)

White Ash Coloured Windows

White Ash (Both Sides Only)

Outer frame options

Outer frame type

Solidor C70

Kömmerling C70

Solidor O70

Kömmerling O70

Edge band colours

White as standard, brown on rosewood or black foil both sides and caramel on golden oak or irish oak both sides.

Banding Colour White


Banding Colour Caramel


Banding Colour Brown


Hinge clearance

Flag hinges provide 35mm clearance for open in doors.

Solidor Hine Clearance

Open out doors have butt hinges only

Solidor French Doors

Solidor french and stable doors

Includes keyed alike ULTION PLUS thumbturn cylinders.

NB: Available with PVCU and Aluminium threshold on ‘open in’ doors. PVCU threshold only on ‘open out’ doors.

Please contact us for advice on minimum and maximum sizes.

Solidor stable door

Includes keyed alike ULTION PLUS thumbturn cylinders.

Most of the standard Solidor range and many of the Italia collection are available as stable doors in any colour on any side.

Only available as open inwards doors.

Solidor Stable Door



White Balmoral Handle


Black Balmoral Handle


Hardex Gold Effect Balmoral Handle

Hardex gold

Hardex Chrome Balmoral Handle

Hardex Chrome

Hardex Satin Balmoral Handle

Hardex Satin

Hardex Graphite Balmoral Handle

Hardex Graphite

Hardex Bronze Handle

Hardex Bronze

Antique Black Balmoral Handle

Antique Black


(Click on a link to download the file)


CWG Choices and Kubu Partnership

Sometimes we all want something a little different

Tangerine - Endless Possibilities For Your Front Door

Solidor Security

Solidor Door Designer

Create your dream Solidor with our online door designer

Choose from a wide range of door styles, colours, glass patterns and accessories to create your ideal door.

Kubu Smart Sensor

‘Choices’ range of Solidor are Kubu prepared* with smart sensor compatibility as standard.

CWG is the largest distributor of Solidors in the UK and are exclusively Kubu enabled to CWG trade customers.

*Applies to Solidors supplied with Avantis locks only.

Kubu Smart Sensor Image

See more About Kubu

Introducing Kubu Smart Security Sensors

Kubu Smart Security and the Connected Home

Kubu Connected Home Demo

Kubu Smart Lock Product Review


Do you have a damaged PVCU Door or Window?

CWG now offers Konig PVCU Window and Door Repair Kits

Konig repair kits allow you to easily repair scratches, minor gouges and scuff marks on your PVCU Windows and Doors. Breathing new life into your damaged old PVCU Windows and Doors without needing to break the bank replacing them.

Choices Energy Savings Calculator

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