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Residence 7 Windows

Part of the 'Alternative to Timber Collection'

Residence 7 Windows

  • Flush Finish Externally and Internally
  • Perfect Alternative to Timber
  • Seven Chamber Design
  • Wide Choice of Finishes

PVCU windows that look just like timber

Residence 7 is here to inspire you on your journey to create your dream home

Choices ‘Residence 7’ offers the same great external finish as ‘Flush 100’, but has been designed with a flush internal finish too, ideal for replacing modern 70mm systems.

Beautifully flush inside and out, available in a range of maintenance-free finishes and a variety of styles, it is versatile without complication. Part of the Residence Collection.


Timberweld Logo

Residence 7 Windows from CWG will soon be supplied Timberweld® a unique method of joining PVCU windows together. The result is a perfect “wooden, butt-joint” effect finish.

Suited for new build and period properties

Beautifully flush inside and out, Residence 7 is available in a range of maintenance-free finishes and a variety of styles.

Versatile to be used without complication on properties new and old.


Residence 7 Oasthouse
Residence 7 Profile


A seven-chamber design provides high levels of thermal and insulating performance, with a 75mm frame depth makes them ideal for replacing traditional 70mm systems.

  • 75mm frame depth
  • 7 chambers
  • 1.2 W/(m2K) U-value double glazed
  • 0.8 W/(m2K) U-value triple glazed
  • A+ Energy rating available with 44mm triple glazing
  • Double or triple glazed
  • 15 Standard Colour Finishes
  • Flush Internal and External finishes




Flush finishes throughout

Featuring elegant sashes appearance on both the exterior and interior gives R7 its chic modern appearance.

All glass sight-lines are perfectly equal providing symmetry for a timeless kerbside appeal.

Residence7 From Choices Outer

Features and benefits

Welded Corners Of Residence Windows

Standard – Corners welded (sash and outerframe)
Upgrade – Corners fully mech jointed

Residence 7 Butt Hinges

Dummy butt hinge upgrade (Functional butt hinges not available)

R 7 Has Flush External Sashes With Equal Sightlines 2

Flush external finishes with equal sightline

R7 External Transom Bar Upgrade

External transom bar upgrade

R7 Flush Internal External Finishes

Flush internal/external finishes

Radlington Cill 55mm Upgrade

55mm Radlington cill option

20mm Astragal 60mm Transom Bar 2

20mm Astragal and 60mm Transom bar

30mm Upstand Radlington Cill

30mm upstand x 165mm Radlington cill
Fitted as standard to R7

75mm System For 28mm Double Glazing 44mm Triple Glazing 2

75mm system for 28mm double glazing
or 44mm for triple glazing

Timberweld logo

Perfectly welded corners with no gaps for a butt-joint effect

Timberweld® is a unique, patented method of joining PVCU windows together.

The result is a perfect “wooden, butt-joint”, as if it were a mortice and tenon joint, what’s more, the effect is visible on both the outside and inside faces of the window. Rather than seeing nasty diagonal weld lines or corner grooves (a dead give away that they are plastic windows) leading manufactures have adopted our unique method of joining corners.


Note: Chalk White is Unfoiled

Both sides only

Chalk White Window Colour

Grained White

Both sides or on chalk White

Clotted Cream Window Colour

Clotted Cream

English Oak Window Colour

English Oak

Irish Oak Window Colour

Irish Oak

Golden Oak White Window Colour

Golden Oak

Rosewood Window Colour


Eclectic Grey Smooth Window Colour

Eclectic Grey (Smooth)

On chalk white only

Painswick Grey

Painswick Grey

No.10 Black

No.10 Black

Corse Lawn Grey

Corse Lawn Grey

Cotswold Green Foil

Cotswold Green

Unfoiled matt finish both sides

No.38 Grey Window Colour

No.38 Grey

(RAL 7035)

Vintage Cream Window Colour

Vintage Cream

(RAL 9001)

Chalk White Window Colour

Chalk White

(RAL 9016)


White Cranked Handle

Cranked Handle


Antique Black Cranked Handle

Cranked Handle


Hardex Gold Cranked Handle

Cranked Handle

Hardex Gold

Pear Drop Handle

Tear Drop

Hardex Chrome

Hardex Graphite Monkey Tail Handle

Monkey Tail

Hardex Graphite


Tear Drop Range Functional Stay

Tear Drop Range Dummy Stay

Residence 7 windows

Complimenting contemporary and traditional homes alike, Residence 7 allows for those finishing touches that truly fits your personality and personal requirements.



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