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Window Repair Kits from Konig

PVCU Window and Door Repair Kits

Repair scratches, minor gouges and scuff marks with Konig repair kits

There are two kits are available “The Complete Window Repair Kit” and “The Window Doctor Kit” packaged in bespoke carry cases to provide a professional image.

The Complete Window Repair Kit (KO670COMP)

Konig Complete Window Kit

Designed for service engineers to carry out cosmetic repairs reducing the need for expensive and time consuming remakes.

The Window Doctor Kit (KO614206)

Konig Window Doctor Kit 300523

Designed for installers to carry out quick and simple on-site repairs to popular foils on windows and doors.


Hardwax (K04141)

Konig Hardwax

Aerosols (KO396)

Konig Aerosols

Repair Kits

See what you get in the repair kits

Complete Window Repair Kit and Demonstration

Window Doctor Repair Kit and Demonstration

How To Repair Videos

How to Repair Damage to an Extruded White UPVC Profile

How to Repair Damage on UPVC Woodgrain Foil

How to Guide

Download the ‘Choices’ Konig How to Guide.

Training Courses

The kits are supported by a range of excellent hands-on repair courses

These training courses are designed to ensure you to get the most out of the Konig product range. Held at the Konig “in-house” training centre in Coventry, or training can be arranged to be held on-site at your premises.

Training courses to be booked directly with Konig – P.O.A