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In it for the long term

In it for the long term

Secured by Design means safety and security of products, properties and possessions. When a customer chooses an SBD-accredited door, window or hardware suite, they have instant reassurance and peace of mind. But, beyond that imperative element, the long-term assurance that SBD products provide run deeper than the physical supply and installation.

Here, Chris Powell, Managing Director at CWG Choices discusses what being an SBD member means to him, his company and his customers, and sustainability in industry, (but not just in the way you’d first imagine)…

In It For The Long Run

"environmental sustainability is extremely important but there is much more to sustainability"

“When people talk about sustainability, the first thought is ‘green credentials’,” says Chris. “Of course, environmental sustainability is extremely important but there is much more to sustainability.”

“We see sustainability as having three pillars of responsibility: business, social and environmental. Taking away the important aspect of environmental for now, let’s talk about business and social responsibility; what that means to us at CWG Choices and how our association with Secured by Design ties into that.

“When we talk about business sustainability, we mean long term partnerships and financial security. We don’t think there are many businesses in the industry that can offer the same stability – up or down the supply chain – that we can at CWG Choices. You only have to look at the companies that unfortunately have gone out of business in the past 12 months, never mind the last five years, that prove how unstable some partnerships can be.”

"long term partnerships and financial security"

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"the largest manufacturer of windows in Europe"

“As part of the Inwido Group – the largest manufacturer of windows in Europe – we can build lasting partnerships with our suppliers and customers, and give them the confidence that it is a sustainable business relationship for the long term, ensuring guarantee periods and consistent and sustainable On Time and In Full Delivery of Quality Accredited product time after time”.

“But how does SBD tie into that?

“CWG Choices provides the widest range of products in fenestration. That’s a fact. All of those products are appropriately accredited with BS6375 for parts 1 (weatherability) and 2 (operation and strength) and PAS24 (Enhanced Security) where required. Being part of SBD and with a portfolio of SBD-approved products we are also displaying a recognised, credible standard for architects and specifiers; and further demonstrating our commitment to excellence. It’s a badge of honour.

“From a social responsibility point of view, SBD products provide safety and security to homeowners and end users; peace of mind that their property, possessions, and family are protected. We may not deal with these customers directly but that same ‘badge’ is passed down through the supply chain with every SBD product that is manufactured, supplied, installed and used.

"We select the brands and businesses we work with extremely carefully"

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“Our SBD membership is just one example of how we choose and use our professional relationships and partnerships. We select the brands and businesses we work with extremely carefully, and we work with different companies for different – and very specific reasons. We look to work with people who understand and value the same three pillars of sustainability that we do.

“Trade bodies and associations are no different. They exist to raise and maintain the reputation of the industry as a whole, as much as they exist to safeguard the consumer and support their own members. Another example of sustainability – the long-term progress and prosperity of our sector.

“We’ve seen all too much that customers choose the companies they work with, or buy from, purely based on price. We’ve also seen how this is an unsustainable business relationship. The opposite of what we are trying to achieve at CWG Choices.

“Just as the value of a product extends beyond its price tag, the value of a business transaction extends beyond the products available. While we are proud of carrying the widest – and most varied – product portfolio, we also don’t want customers to choose us just because of that.


"the widest – and most varied – product portfolio"

“We believe that when customers are choosing a supplier they should be looking for a long-term partnership and not a one-off purchase. Look at the other companies they work with. Look at the organisations they are associated with. Look at how they demonstrate sustainability – through business practices, social responsibility and of course, environmentally conscious products and processes.

“Considering each of those three pillars is true sustainability and the key to lasting business partnerships.”