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Alu Clad Tilt and Turn

'Choices' Alu-Clad Timber

Tilt and Turn Windows

  • Solid timber with aluminium cladding
  • Wide selection of standard RAL colours available
  • PAS24 option available

Aluminium clad tilt and turn timber windows

Excellent insulation with minimal maintenance

‘Choices’ Alu-Clad timber window range is energy efficient in that it can deal with the harshest Scandinavian and Scottish weather conditions.  The combination of superior craftsmanship, thermal performance and long-term durability make Alu-Clad windows ideal for modern new build or refurbishments with a focus on energy efficiency and low maintenance.

With a solid timber frame and Aluminium Cladding externally, our windows deliver the beautiful look inside that only timber can. A wide assortment of colours, glazing and opening functions allow you to customize them to meet your exact needs.

Alu-clad timber

A solid timber frame is cladded with aluminium

A wide assortment of colours, glazing and opening functions allow you to customize them to meet your exact needs.

Tilt And Turn Alu Clad Windows From Choices

Strong and durable

High-performance inward opening, tilt & turn windows with an external aluminium cladding which provides a strong, durable external surface requiring minimal maintenance.

This reduces future costs and improves the life expectancy of the product


  • Timber only option available
  • Engineered (laminated) timber profiles
  • Pine or Oak
  • Factory-applied paint/clear lacquer/white tone lacquer options internally
  • Tilt & turn, tilt-only or turn only – all inward opening
  • Circumferential fittings with tilt ventilation
  • Factory fitted 24mm double glazing or 40mm triple glazing
  • Internally beaded
  • Overall U-value of (approx.) 1.2W/m2K – double glazed or 0.9W/m2K – triple glazed
  • Shaped opening windows possible
  • Durable external aluminium cladding
  • PAS24 option available
Tilt And Turn Alu Clad Windows
Alu Clad Windows And Doors From Choices

Outstanding thermal performance

With aluminium-clad timber, the added layer of protection and finish allows windows and doors to withstand even the most severe conditions.

All of the ‘Choices’ Alu-Clad range achieve outstanding thermal performance, with a number of triple-glazed products reaching U-values below 1W/m2k.

Aluminium cladding

The external aluminium cladding minimises the amount of maintenance and maximises the choice of colours, making Alu-Clad Timber the ultimate hassle-free solution for a wide range of applications!

Alu Clad Flush Casement Specification Cut Out


Standard RAL colours

External Only (All RALS Available)

Pure White RAL 9010

Pure White

RAL 9010

Pearl White RAL 1013

Pearl White

RAL 1013

Fir Green RAL 6009

Fir Green

RAL 6009

Anthracite Grey RAL 7016

RAL 7016

Anthracite Grey

Pebble Grey RAL 7032

Pebble Grey

RAL 7032

Light Grey RAL 7035

Light Grey

RAL 7035

Silk Grey RAL 7044

Silk Grey

RAL 7044

Silk Grey RAL 7044

Mahogany Brown

RAL 8016

Cream RAL 9001


RAL 9001

Jet Black RAL 9005

Jet Black

RAL 9005

Traffic Grey B RAL 7043

Traffic Grey B

RAL 7043

Stains internal only

Natura Stain

Natura Stain

White Stain

White Stain


Available in Satin or White

Alu Clad Window Handle 1
Alu Clad Window Handle 2

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