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Aluminium Windows Hardware Options

Window hardware options and upgrades


Cranked Handle Range - Standard

Available in all the colours shown above in the Balmoral Lever/Lever range

White Cranked Handle


Antique Black Cranked Handle


Antique Black Cranked Handle

Antique Black

Hardex Bronze Cranked Handle

Hardex Bronze

Hardex Chrome Cranked Handle

Hardex Chrome

Hardex Gold Cranked Handle

Hardex Gold

Hardex Graphite Cranked Handle

Hardex Graphite

Hardex Satin Cranked Handle

Hardex Satin

Elegance Range – Upgrade

Monkey Tail

Antique Black Monkey Tail Handle

Antique Black

Hardex Chrome Monkey Tail Handle

Hardex Chrome

Hardex Gold Monkey Tail Handle

Hardex Gold

Hardex Graphite Monkey Tail Handle

Hardex Graphite

Tear Drop

Antique Black Tear Drop Handle

Antique Black

Hardex Chrome Tear Drop Handle

Hardex Chrome

Hardex Gold Tear Drop Handle

Hardex Gold

Hardex Graphite Tear Drop Handle

Hardex Graphite

Trickle Vents

2500EA trickle vents (replace 1700EA and 2700EA trickle vents)

5000EA trickle vents are still available

Glazepart Trickle Vents

Concealed vents are available as:
3 Available as a zero sightline transom White/Cream/Black/Dark Grey/Painswick/Chartwell

Glazepart Trickle Vents Outer

Other colours (Not as concealed):
Brown/Caramel options are available.
Rosewood/Golden Oak/Irish Oak foiled vents are also available

Concealed Head Vent Close Up

Concealed trickle vent cover/head drip

Suitable for fitting to any ‘Choices’ PVCU or Aluminium product.


Smooth White Coloured Windows

Smooth White

Cream Coloured Windows


Painswick Grey

Painswick Grey

Chartwell Green Coloured Windows

Chartwell Green

Anthracite Grey Coloured Windows

Anthracite Grey

Beck Brown Coloured Windows


‘Choices’ Astragal Bar range

Astragal Bars can be fitted to most of the windows and doors within the Choices PVCU range.


for Kommerling O70 and C70. 25mm clip fit Astragal bar with milled ends to match profile shape offering the traditional timber appearance.

25mm Astragal Bars
25mm Astragal Bars Close Up


Residence 9, Imagine and Flush 70. 21mm Astragal bar with square cut external bar to sash/frame giving a tidy appearance.
Available Double or Triple Glazed Optional for Kömmerling 7

21mm Astragal Bars
21mm Astragal Bars Close Up


Kömmerling 70 – Linear only 50mm wide clip fit linear astragal bar perfect for creating that cottage bar look or a mullion effect on doors. Can be used in conjunction with our 25mm Astragal Bar

50mm Astragal Bars
50mm Astragal Bars Close Up


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