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P-Shaped Conservatories

'Choices' PVCU

P-Shaped Conservatories

  • Range of Styles
  • Customise with Colour to match Windows
  • Frame Styles

Choices P-Shaped Conservatories

Combining two distinct areas into one attractive and very versatile conservatory

‘Choices’ P-Shaped conservatories combine a mixture of Lean-To and Victorian/Edwardian styles, which when viewed from above takes the shape of a P.

What ‘Choices’ customers love about the P-Shape style is that it almost equates to adding an additional two rooms to your house, as it can allow for one section to be used for dining and the other to be enjoyed for relaxing.

Mixing style with versatility

The attraction of a P-shaped conservatory is that it brings the feel of adding almost two more rooms to your home.

Black P Shaped Conservatory From Choices
White P Shaped Conservatory From Choices
White P Shaped Conservatory From Choices 2

Versatile additions

Choices P-Shaped Conservatories are completely adaptable to suit all house styles and bungalows.  For bungalows and other height-restricted situations, a hipped-back roof with a box gutter is normally supplied.

Dual foil finishes

For those who prefer a true timber appearance option, the ‘Choices’ bespoke conservatories can be supplied in in timber effect finishes or in duo foil finishes.

White internally with a black exterior makes for a contrasting finish.

White P Shaped Conservatory From Choices 3

Conservatories shapes and styles

However you choose to use it, a ‘Choices’ conservatory will transform the way you live in and around your home. A reliable and highly rewarding haven that is created for all reasons and comfortably used in all seasons it will quickly become your favourite room with a view.

The choice of styles and finishing details is entirely up to you – although expert advice is to hand if you request it.

Choices 3 Bell Victorian Conservatory 213x300

3 Bell Victorian

Choices 5 Bell Victorian Conservatory 213x300

5 Bell Victorian

Choices Edwardian Conservatory 213x300


Choices Lean To Conservatory 213x300


Choices Gable End Conservatory 213x300

Gable End

Choices P Shaped Conservatory 213x300


Frame styles

Choices Dwarf Wall Conservatory

Dwarf Wall Option

Choices Full Height Panels Conservatory

Full Height Frames

Choices Full Height With Panels Conservatory

Full Height with Panels

Colour options

Available both sides or on smooth white

Rosewood Window Colour


Irish Oak Window Colour

Irish Oak

Golden Oak White Window Colour

Golden Oak

Cream Coloured Windows


Beck Brown Coloured Windows


Chartwell Green Coloured Windows

Chartwell Green on White


Anthracite Grey

Anthracite Grey on White

(C70 or O70)

Anthracite Grey

Anthracite Grey

(Both Sides C70 Only)

White Ash Coloured Windows

White Ash

(Both Sides Only)


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