Choices PVCU Patio Sliding Doors

PremiLine Patio Doors

  • Smooth Sliding Operation
  • 2, 3 and 4 Pane Configurations
  • 28mm Toughened Sealed Units
  • Wide Choice of Finishes

PremiLine Sliding Patio Doors

Smooth sliding patio doors with stylish looks

The ‘Choices’ Premiline Sliding Patio door is available in 2, 3 or 4 pane configurations up to 5800mm wide, offering unobstructed views of the garden or terrace.

Manfactured from Kömmerling multi-chambered profiles provides high levels of energy efficiency performance with enhanced security details and strong environmental credentials.

PVCU Patio Sliding Doors

Flexibility and performance

‘Choices’ PremiLine PVCU patio doors from Kömmerling offer complete flexibility in 2, 3 and 4 pane options, along with a unique triple track variant.

Standard specification

(includes glazing):

  • 70mm profile depth with internally glazed sculptured beads
  • Black gaskets with wool pile weather seals
  • White (chrome and gold effect – upgrades) handles
  • Six-point – six hook – locking
  • Fully welded and reinforced
  • Stainless steel adjustable rollers on a stainless steel track
  • Slides on outer track as standard – inner track on request
  • 28mm toughened sealed units with Low E Argon gas and warm edge spacer
  • PVCU profiles using ‘greenline’ 100% lead-free stabilizer
  • Full height aluminium ‘pull grip’ available
  • 20mm low aluminium threshold available (lower weather rating)
  • Mechanically jointed outer frame available
White Pvcu Patio Sliding Doors

Door Sizes - Maximum (WxH)

2 Pane

3000mm x 2300mm

3 Pane

4200mm x 2300mm

4 Pane

5800mm x 2300mm

NB: The height of the sash must not be more than 2.5 times larger than the width e.g. Frame height 2090mm means minimum frame width of 1600mm.

PremiLine PRO PAS 24 Upgrade

‘Lifetime Homes’ and ‘Document Q’ compliant (2 and 3 pane doors only)

PAS 24 test data based on 2 pane patio door at 2450mm wide x 2260mm high

  • Top rail ‘dog bolt’ keep
  • Top rail ‘dog bolt’
  • 6.8mm laminate / argon / 4mm toughened
  • Interlock handle – White, Black, Chrome
  • Interlock hook bolts (x3)
  • Interlock keeps (x3)
  • Sash hook locks (x8)
  • Sliding Sash Internal Only
PremiLine PRO Pas 24 Upgrade
PremiLine PRO Pas 24 Upgrade Locking

PremiLine PRO

Innovative hidden locking system with interlock handle eliminates the need for unsightly plunge bolts.

20mm low aluminium threshold

PremiLine 20mm Low Aluminium Threshold

Colour Options

Both sides only white base

Smooth White Coloured Windows

Smooth White

White Ash Coloured Windows

White Ash

Both sides or on smooth white

Rosewood Window Colour


Golden Oak White Window Colour

Golden Oak

Beck Brown Coloured Windows


Irish Oak Window Colour

Irish Oak

Anthracite Grey Coloured Windows

Anthracite Grey

Cream Coloured Windows


On smooth white only

Anthracite Grey

Anthracite Grey

(C70 or O70)

Chartwell Green Coloured Windows

Chartwell Green

Textured Slate Grey C70 Only

Textured Slate Grey

(C70 only)

Painswick Grey

Painswick Grey

(C70 only)

On smooth white only - Extra lead time

Painswick Grey

Painswick Grey

NB: Foiled on White profiles will show White on the insides of the head and base outer frame


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