Choices Fire doors

FD30s Fire Doors

  • 30 Minute Rated Fire Doors
  • Certified Registered CF705
  • 14 Door Styles
  • 13 Standard Colours

'Choices' FD30S fire doors

FD30S are ‘Choices’ fire doors with a solid timber core

‘Choices’ FDS30 fire door collection is a 30-minute fire door protecting against fire and smoke, with a solid timber core made from sixteen layers of laminated veneered timber.


  • Steel Reinforced 70mm Fire Rated PVC-U Outer frame
  • Within Our Ranges Of ’30 Minute Composite Fire Doors’ We Can Offer 13 External Colour Options With 11 Exterior Frame Colours
  • Add A Toplight To A Maximum Height Of 400mm*
  • *Limited Styles Available  For This Option Contact Us For Further Details
  • Low Profile Aluminium Thresholds Fitted As Standard
  • Complete Range Of Door Furniture Available In Polished Chrome or Gold Finish Options
  • Pyrobelite or Pyrodur Non Wired Fire Safety Glass (Double Glazed Sealed Units) With A Choice Of  laminated backing glass.
  • Cill Options Available; 100mm, 150mm & 180mm
  • Mandatory Closing Device Supplied – Overhead or Concealed Closer
Choices Fd30s Fire Doors

FD30S fire door collection

White Clumber Dfs30 Firedoor


Blue Kelham Dfs30 Firedoor


Red Wellow 2 Dfs30 Firedoor

Wellow 2

Golden Oak Wellow 3 Dfs30 Firedoor

Wellow 3

Green Wellow 4 Dfs30 Firedoor

Wellow 4

Chartwell Green Normanton Dfs30 Firedoor

Normanton 1

Golden Oak Normanton 2 Dfs30 Firedoor

Normanton 2

Black Rufford Solid Dfs30 Firedoor

Rufford Solid

Carbuton Solid Grey Dfs30 Firedoor

Carburton Solid

White Maple Dfs30 Firedoor

Maple Solid

Abbey Solid Dfs30 Firedoor

Abbey Solid

Newstead Solid Dfs30 Firedoor

Newstead Solid

Sizes and dimensions

Solid Core FD30S Door Style Min Width (mm) Max Width (mm) Min Height (mm) Max Height (mm) Can Letterbox be fitted?
Clumber/Grill 1011 1014 2119 2126 No
Kelham/Grill 1011 1014 2119 2126 Yes
Wellow 2 733 1014 1931 2126 Yes
Wellow 3 733 1014 1931 2126 Yes
Wellow 4 670 1014 1984 2126 No
Normanton 1 733 1014 1931 2126 Yes
Normanton 2 670 1014 2119 2126 No
Rufford Solid 834 1014 1984 2126 Yes
Carburton Solid 733 1014 1931 2126 Yes
Maple Solid 834 1014 1984 2126 Yes
Abbey Solid 774 1014 1984 2126 Yes
Newstead Solid 874 1004 1984 2126 Yes

ULTION FD30S Cylinder

ULTION Thumbturn

3 Star Security Cylinder with Secured By Design accreditation and Sold Secure Diamond Standard.

Ultion Fds30 Thumb Turn Cyclinder
Fds 30 GU Security Automatic Fire Door Lock

Slam Shut Lock

GU Security Automatic – Fire Door Lock

This is a Slam Shut Lock. The spindle is situated at 960 from the bottom of the slab. Lock comes with fully adjustable composite keeps with edge protection.

With 3 deadbolts and centre latch this is a PAS23/24 tested lock. This is our only lock used on FD30S doors in conjunction with our fire testing certificate.

Door Closers

Standard Fit Fully controlled door closer

Easy speed adjustment makes this ultra efficient.

External Closers

Optional ASSA External fitted closer.

Rack and pinion closer with link arm.

Union Powerload Butt Hinge

Union Powerload Butt Hinge High

Performance bushed bearing butt hinge.
Radius corners for speed of fixing.


Bull Ring Knocker

Bull Ring Knocker

Gold, Chrome, Graphite

Security Chain

Security Chain

Chrome only



Gold, Chrome only

White Handle


Chrome Urn Knocker

Urn Knocker

Chrome Letter Plate

Nu Mail Fire Letterplate

Fitted with a Shield/Cowl for PAS24

Handles, Knockers and Letterplate available in: White, Black, Gold, Chrome, Satin, Graphite

Glass options

7mm Pyrodur With 6.8mm Clear

7mm Pyrodur with 6.8mm Clear

7mm Pyrodur With 6.8mm Stippolyte

7mm Pyrodur with 6.8mm Stippolyte

7mm Pyrodur With 6.8mm Satin

7mm Pyrodur with 6.8mm Satin

Standard Colours

Supplied with White Chamfered or Sculptured out frame only.

White RAL 9016


RAL 9016

Duck Egg Blue

Duck Egg Blue

Silver Grey RAL 7001

Silver Grey

RAL 7001

Anthracite Grey RAL 7016

Anthracite Grey

RAL 7016

Chartwell Green

Chartwell Green

Green RAL 6009


RAL 6009

Red RAL 3011


RAL 3011

Blue RAL 5011


RAL 5011

Irish Oak

Irish Oak

Golden Oak RAL 8001

Golden Oak

RAL 8001

Black Cherry

Black Cherry

Black Brown RAL 8022

Black Brown

RAL 8022

Black RAL 9011


RAL 9011

FD30S Fire Door Door Designer

Design Your Dream Door

The FD30s is a Fire Door with a solid core made from sixteen layers of Laminated Veneered Timber.


White Balmoral Handle


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