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Smart Heritage 47 Doors

Choices Aluminium

Smart Alitherm Heritage 47 Doors

  • Ideal solution for heritage applications
  • Ultra Slim Sightlines
  • High-Security Locking
  • Single and Dual Colour Options
  • Cutting-edge polyamide thermal break technology
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Smart Alitherm 47 Heritage Doors – where tradition meets innovation

Step into a world of timeless elegance with CWG’s Smart Aluminium Heritage 47 Doors

Crafted as the ideal solution for heritage applications, these doors seamlessly blend tradition and innovation. Enjoy the beauty of ultra-slim sightlines that add a touch of sophistication to your spaces. Your peace of mind is our priority, with high-security locking ensuring the safety of your cherished environments.

Heritage Style Your Way

Express your unique style with a range of single and dual-color options, allowing you to tailor the doors to your vision. Experience the future of thermal efficiency through cutting-edge polyamide thermal break technology, creating a barrier that keeps the elements at bay.

At CWG, we bring you more than just doors; we deliver a perfect fusion of heritage aesthetics and modern functionality. Elevate your spaces with Smart Alitherm 47 Heritage Doors – where tradition meets innovation.

Smart Alitherm Heritage Steel Replacement Doors

Discover Modern Heritage Door Replacements at CWG

Upgrade to a contemporary, like-for-like replacement for steel doors with the Alitherm Heritage door range.

Capturing the slim profiles and sightlines reminiscent of traditional steel doors and windows, this system seamlessly combines timeless elegance with the exceptional thermal performance of a modern aluminum system, earning a coveted ‘B’ Energy Rating.

The slim, thermally-broken profiles of Alitherm Heritage doors are available in various styles, offering a perfect blend of classic aesthetics and cutting-edge technology for your spaces.

Smart Alitherm Heritage Doors from 'Choices'

Alitherm Heritage offers an optimal solution for heritage applications, including renovations of listed buildings and extensive replica-refurbishment projects, taking into account planning constraints.

Smart Alitherm Heritage 47 Aluminium Doors Cross Section

Product Specification

  • Slimline profile
  • PAS24 – 2016 Compliant
  • Document L Compliant
  • High security locking
  • 1.5W/M²K (Using 1.0W/M²K Glass Unit)
  • Single or double doors
  • Tape or gasket glazed
  • Multi point locking and face mounted shoot bolts
  • Polyamide thermal break provides enhanced thermal performance
  • Single or dual colour, marine quality polyester powder coat as standard
  • 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel Hardware options
  • Heritage and Art Deco hardware options

Slimline Heritage Doors

Taking inspiration from the timeless charm of traditional steel Doors and Windows

Alitherm Heritage Doors boasts distinctive slender sightlines and appealing contours. This makes it the perfect selection for heritage building conservation zones, where adhering to building regulations requires a replacement that mirrors the original design.

Smart Alitherm Heritage 47 Steel Replacement Doors
Smart Heritage Aluminium Doors With Heritage Windows

Innovative polyamide thermal break technology

Polyamide thermal break technology acts as a shield, effectively separating the chilly external air from the cozy warmth indoors.

This innovative feature plays a pivotal role in substantially diminishing thermal transmittance, thereby improving the overall U Value of a product.

Its design aligns seamlessly with the stringent specifications outlined in Document L 2010

Slimline system suitable as a steel replacement

Close Up Choices Alitherm 47
Smart Alitherm Heritage 47 Aluminium Doors Close Up
Heritage 47 Profile Diagram

The 58mm frame and sash suitable for single and double doors

'Choices' Alitherm Heritage Door features

Choice of colour

Aluminium Heritage Range Colour Options

Our Heritage Doors come in a choice of 3 hard-wearing colour finishes, including white, anthracite and black offering a stunning ultra-slim, clean and modern look.

Available in Single or Double Configurations

Smart Alitherm 47 Heritage Doors Range Of Styles

Alitherm Heritage Doors are available in single or double configurations

Glass upgrades

Smart Alitherm Heritage Doors Glass Upgrades

Modern aluminium doors are thermally broken using polyamide, an excellent insulator that helps to insulate windows against heat loss.

Handles and hardware

Smart Alitherm 47 Heritage Doors Hardware

Our Alitherm Heritage ranges are all available with a suite of hardware options.

Reduced maintenance

Smart Alitherm 47 Heritage Doors Range Of Styles

Maintenance for aluminium systems is simple and straightforward, with a routine ‘wipe-clean’ all that is required to keep the products looking their best.

Listed buildings

Smarts Alitherm Heritage Doors Listed Buildings

Alitherm Heritage is the ideal solution for projects where planning or design demands dictate the installation of sympathetic materials – even for listed buildings.

Recommended Design Limits

  • Max Sash Width: 900mm
  • Max Sash Height: 2100mm
  • Glazing: 24-32mm
  • Typical Sightline: 59mm
  • Frame Depth: 47mm
  • Single Door Max Sash Width: 900mm
  • Single Door Max Sash Height: 2100mm
  • Double Door Max Sash Width: 900mm
  • Double Door Max Sash Height: 2100mm
Smart Alitherm Heritage 47 Aluminium Doors Close Up

The ideal solution for listed buildings renovations

‘Choices’ Alitherm with their signature slim profiles and sightlines are designed to be a direct replacement for steel doors and the perfect solution for sensitive heritage refurbishment projects


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