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F82 Bi-Folding Door

'Choices' Ultra Slim Aluminium Bi-Folding Door

Luminia F82 Bi-fold

  • Ultra-slim Profile
  • Thermally Broken Aluminium Sections
  • Range of Single and Dual Colours
  • 'U' Value 1.1 Wm2K with Triple Glazing
  • A Contemporary, Stylish Bi-Folding Door

The iconic F82 bi-fold door

The ALUK Luminia F82 is ‘Choices’ premium aluminium bi-folding door

The Luminia F82 bi-fold door has been designed with style and performance front of mind. With thinner sightlines and interlock of 122mm that provide larger glazing panels without compromising on performance.

It cleverly combines the intimacy of inside spaces with the freedom of outside living, without ever compromising on performance, safety or security. And like all AluK aluminium façade systems, it continues to push the industry forward by delivering unrivalled innovation and installation simplicity.

'Choices' F82 aluminium bi-fold

The Luminia F82 bi-fold door has been designed with style and performance front of mind.

A slim and elegant bi-fold door with thinner sightlines and an interlock of just 122mm. The F82 system creates larger glazed panels without compromising on performance. Newly designed lever and flush T-handles complete the contemporary look.

Choices F82 Luminia Bi Folding Door
Choices F82 Luminia Bi Fold External
Choices F82 Luminia Bi Fold Internal

ALUK F82 bi-folding doors also offer HD compact slim stainless steel rollers as standard, allowing for a smooth movement whilst opening and closing and easy handling of weights up to an incredible 150KG per panel.

F82 Luminia HD Compact Slim Stainless Steel Rollers


Available in a range of styles and designs, panels can be stacked inside or outside of the room, to the left, right or split to stack on both sides. Door sets can be manufactured to replace entire walls to maximise your opening space.

Type 1

Bifold Configuration Type 1 Choices

Type 2

Bifold Configuration Type 2 Choices

Type 3

Bifold Configuration Type 3 Choices

Type 4

Bifold Configuration Type 4 Choices

Type 5

Bifold Configuration Type 5 Choices

Type 6

Bifold Configuration Type 6 Choices

Type 7

Bifold Configuration Type 7 Choices

Type 8

Bifold Configuration Type 8 Choices

Type 9

Bifold Configuration Type 9 Choices

Type 10

Bifold Configuration Type 10 Choices

Type 12

Bifold Configuration Type 12 Choices

Type 13

Bifold Configuration Type 13 Choices
Aluk F82 Cross Section

Design Features

  • Frame plus sash sightlines of 97mm
  • New and improved flush pop out handle
  • Unique traffic doors 3 HD compact roller
  • 4 stainless slim steel rollers
  • Magnetic catch for prime/slave leaf
  • All configurations open in and open out
  • Thermally broken aluminium sections
  • U’ Value 1.5 Wm2 K with double glazing
  • Black or White lever/lever prime handles
  • Black or White internal pop-out handles

Minimum and Maximum Sizes

Minimum height 2150mm – Maximum height 2500mm
Minimum width 1400mm – Maximum width 6300mm
Minimum sash width 600mm – Maximum sash width 1200mm

All configurations have lever/lever handles on the prime leaf with the exception of types 1, 4, 6 and 13 which are internal handles only.

F82 features

Slim Stainless Steel Rollers F82 Bi Fold

The HD rollers can carry weights of up to 150kg

Secure Shootbolts F82 Bi Fold

5-point multi-locking mechanism with top and bottom bolts on the traffic door

Flush Inline Pop Out Handle F82 Bi Fold

The unique flush pop-out T-handle provides ease of operation

F82 Bi Fold Has Lever Lever Handles

Ergonomically designed traffic door handles, perfect for everyday use

Anti Figer Traps On F82

Anti-crush system, using gaskets prevent fingers getting injured when the doors are closing

Luninia F82 Isotherm

The innovative thermal design includes an improved in-line and uniformed thermal break

Pop-out handle

The unique flush pop-out T-handle provides ease of operation, removing the need for additional unsightly handles and maintaining the minimal, flush aesthetic. The handle has been rigorously cycle tested at 25,000 operations, which equates to approximately 80 years of reliable use.

Pop Out Handle Closed
Pop Out Handle Half Open
Pop Out Handle Open

Frame detailing

Locking Jamb

F82 Frame Detail

Frame Detail

F82 Locking Jamb

Slim sightlines

F82 Bi Fold Features

Room with a view

Outside space has never been more important and appreciated

Installing bifold doors gives you the opportunity to enjoy your view and create a seamless link between your home and garden. With greater glazing areas and the desirable slimmer sightlines that the F82 is renowned for, you can flood your rooms with more natural light.


The Luminia F82 hardware is available in a range of colours designed with today’s colour trends in mind. This includes our ergonomically designed traffic door handle, perfect for everyday use; and our flush pop-out T-handle, engineered for effortless operation when fully opening the door.


White Bi Fold Traffic Handle

Traffic Handle (F82)


Black Bi Fold Traffic Handle

Traffic Handle (F82)


Silver Bi Fold Traffic Handle

Traffic Handle (F82)


Brushed Stainless Steel Bi Fold Traffic Handle

Traffic Handle (F82)

Brushed Stainless Steel

Colour Range

*for fast delivery



RAL 9910hg

Anthracite Grey

Anthracite Grey

RAL 7016m

Anthracite Grey White

Anthracite Grey / White

*Open out only

Available in any RAL colour

Available in a range of Single and Dual RAL Colour finishes

Product Downloads

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Product Videos

Luminia F82 bi-fold door

'Choices' Cornerless Bi-folding Door

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