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BSF70 Bi-Folding Door

'Choices' Aluminium Bi-Folding Doors

Optio BSF70 Bi-fold

  • Thermally Broken Aluminium Sections
  • A Contemporary, Stylish Bi-Folding Door
  • Range of Single and Dual Colours
  • ‘U’ value 1.7Wm2 K (1.6 with Low-E Plus glass)

The BSF70 Bi-fold

The ALUK Optio BSF70 is ‘Choices’ standard aluminium bi-folding door

Versatile and flexible, the market-leading BSF70 aluminium folding door system is available in a wide range of configurations to create the look you desire.

'Choices' standard aluminium bi-fold

Multiple doors can be combined with open-in or open-out options, in a variety of styles to create a wide expanse of opening.

The narrow profile ensures that maximum glazing is achieved, flooding rooms with light.

Choices Bsf70 Bi Fold From Aluk

Versatile sliding folding doors

Choices Bsf70 Bifold Door External
Choices Bsf70 Bifold Door Internal


Available in a range of styles and designs, panels can be stacked inside or outside of the room, to the left, right or split to stack on both sides. Door sets can be manufactured to replace entire walls to maximise your opening space.

Type 1

Bifold Configuration Type 1 Choices

Type 2

Bifold Configuration Type 2 Choices

Type 3

Bifold Configuration Type 3 Choices

Type 4

Bifold Configuration Type 4 Choices

Type 5

Bifold Configuration Type 5 Choices

Type 6

Bifold Configuration Type 6 Choices

Type 7

Bifold Configuration Type 7 Choices

Type 8

Bifold Configuration Type 8 Choices

Type 9

Bifold Configuration Type 9 Choices

Type 10

Bifold Configuration Type 10 Choices

Type 12

Bifold Configuration Type 12 Choices

Type 13

Bifold Configuration Type 13 Choices
Bsf 70 Frame Detail Cutaway

Design features

  • Internally beaded with a softline sash
  • Stainless Steel Wheels
  • Unique flush line pop up handle
  • Magnetic catch for prime/slave leaf
  • All configurations open in and open out
  • Thermally broken aluminium sections
  • 28mm sealed unit
  • Black or White lever/lever prime handles
  • Black or White internal pop-out handles
  • ‘U’ value 1.7Wm2 K (1.6 with Low-E Plus glass)

Minimum / maximum sizes

Minimum height 1950mm – Maximum height 2400mm
Minimum width 1400mm – Maximum width 6300mm
Minimum sash width 600mm – Maximum sash width 1200mm

All configurations have lever/lever handles on the prime leaf with the exception of types 1, 4, 6 and 13 which are internal handles only.

Green Choices Multi Fold


  • Low threshold (no weather rating)
  • A range of RAL single or dual colour
  • PAS 24 / Doc Q
  • Mechanically jointed outer frame
  • ‘U’ Value 1.5 Wm2K with triple glazing
  • Brushed chrome prime handles
  • HI Profiles – 1.4 ‘U’ Value double glazed, 1.1 ‘U’ value tripled glazed with Low E Plus glass

BSF70 Bi-fold features

Flush In Line Pop Out Handle

Flush in-line pop-out handle

Stainless Steel Rollers

Stainless steel wheels

Floating Corner Post Option Available

Floating corner post option available


Bsf 70 Locking Jamb
Bsf 70 Frame Detail

Room with a view

Outside space has never been more important and appreciated

Installing bifold doors allows you to enjoy your view and create a seamless link between your home and garden.

Colour range

*for fast delivery



RAL 9910hg

Anthracite Grey

Anthracite Grey

RAL 7016m

Anthracite Grey White

Anthracite Grey / White

*Open out only

Available in any RAL colour

Available in a range of Single and Dual RAL Colour finishes


Standard range

White Balmoral Handle

Lever Door Handle


Black Balmoral Handle

Lever Door Handle


Hardex Gold Effect Balmoral Handle

Lever Door Handle

Hardex gold

Hardex Chrome Balmoral Handle

Lever Door Handle

Hardex Chrome

Hardex Satin Balmoral Handle

Lever Door Handle

Hardex Satin

Hardex Graphite Balmoral Handle

Lever Door Handle

Hardex Graphite

Hardex Bronze Handle

Lever Door Handle

Hardex Bronze

Antique Black Balmoral Handle

Lever Door Handle

Antique Black


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'Choices' Aluminium Multi-Fold Sliding Doors

'Choices' Cornerless Bi-folding Door

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