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Choices Ultra 4

'Choices' ULTRA4

Modern glass technology allows glass to be used for so much more than something to look through. We have carried out tests on a wide range of our products, so we can advise whatever your requirement.

‘ULTRA4’ The ‘FOUR IN ONE’ upgrade

High Thermal Performance With Ultra4

Thermal Performance

‘ULTRA4’ offers ‘A’ rated thermal performance

A special microscopic coating on the glass helps reflect heat back into the room offering savings of up to 22% on energy bills versus single glazing.

With windows giving up to 26% of heat loss, choosing the right glass and windows, is an important step to making your home warmer.

Noise Control

‘ULTRA4’ helps reduce external noise

Making our homes quieter by reducing unwanted noise from outside, is an undoubted benefit. ‘Ultra4’ reduces noise ingress by having a transparent sound absorbing layer, built into the glass.

This makes it 20% better at reducing noise than standard ‘Choices’ glass

Choices Ultra4 Helps With Noise Control
High Security Glazing With Ultra4

High Security

‘ULTRA4’ offers greater security

A very strong transparent film is glued between two layers of glass for the outside skin of the sealed unit, making it much harder to break than standard glass.

In the case of an incident, the glass will not shatter but be held by the film insert.

Furniture Fade

‘ULTRA4’ helps reduce colour fading

Fabrics on furniture, Curtains and Carpets fade when exposed to the sunlight. This is caused by the Ultra Violet rays from the sun.

‘ULTRA4’ is designed to block 99.6% of these UV rays which cause such damage to your fabrics, thus allowing them to remain fresh and last longer.

Ultra4 Helps To Reduce Furniture Fade

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Choices Energy Savings Calculator

Do you want to know how much energy you can save by swapping to Choices Brand Windows?

With the ever increasing cost of fuel bills on everyone's minds, do yourself a favour and see how much energy you could save by swapping your tired old windows to our Energy Effcient 'Choices' brand windows. Not only will you likely save money but you will also be doing your bit to help the environment.


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